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Eastern Christianity icons (Historical Perspective)

 Eastern Christianity icons : After 8th century, religious paintings were dipucted the religious instruction in Eastern Orthodoxy.  Icons (also; ikon, in Greek; image), were the picture of sacred persons and events, depicted Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, apostles, saints and angels in the eastern Christianity.

Byzantine Icons in Constantinople (The City of God):

Constantinople (now Istanbul) was the major city of Byzantine arts... Byzantine arts of icon are very important, for their religious significance, beside artistic masterpieces with their line and colors. Images of all kinds of frescoes and wall mosaics of churches were called icons by Byzntines. In Byzantine world, religious images, painted on wood, was the answer a need in fine arts, as well. And we are trying to combine these two approaches when making icons...


Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Orthodox icons, meaning is mostly on portable religious images painted on wood...


As Sadece Tanitim Ltd., we have been producing cultural gift and souvenir items. Being in Istanbul, very significant city of major 3 religions, like the country, is the capital city of Byzantine arts and architectures. We have now prepared a varity of Christian religious icons, in Byzantine line. We are assuming both Byzantine and Post-Byzantine icons as an art object. We have produced these sample of Byzantine Icons to contribute to the world cultural heritage.

Our Work and Us

Producing Icons in Byzantine Technics:

We make replicas of  Christian religious icons. Our icons made by hand, using materials wood, natural stones and ceramics. And we stick to traditional Byzantine techniques. Our artists prepared wood of icons, first antiquing then performed gesso and gold leaf. We use gold leaf for the halo, around sacred persons head and other necessary parts like; gospel. Ceramics  and stones are selected for the ambiance of  church frescoes. We think this is a new approach on portable religious icons.

Eastern Christianity icons (Historical Perspective): 

Further information about our Christian icons:

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